Hail Storm Pounds RV

June 13, 2021

We had a hailstorm this afternoon. It was loud, almost as if we were in a popcorn pan. Poor little Nox was frightened by all the racket and she wanted a pick up. Bruce held her and she calmed right down. She was no longer frightened as she snuggled into Bruce’s arms.

Luckily, there was no damage to our truck or RV. The next door RV has a fan cover damage.

The hail had covered the ground like snow, but I didn’t think to get pictures until it had started melting and only the piles next to the RVs were left.

The first picture shows the RV on our utilities side and the other two pictures show the RV on our camping side. I didn’t go out into the wet after the storm, but Bruce went and checked on the truck and RV.

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