The Moab Giants Museum and Dinosaur Park

October 2, 2020

Since we couldn’t get into Arches on September 27th (Sunday), we went to the Moab Giants Museum and Dinosaur Park, just north of Arches.

This museum had a 3D “aquarium” that show pre-historic sea creatures. It was amazing and I wish it had a few more exhibits. They also had a small theater and they played a short 3D film every 30 minutes. They also had a small museum devoted to dinosaur tracks. They had a gift shop and a small café. The café didn’t have the dinning room open and was only doing take away through their drive up window.

Best of all, they had a “half-mile-long trail with more than 130, state-of-the-art, full size reconstructions of dinosaurs.”

WARNING – I took a LOT of pictures of the exhibits. I still love dinosaurs and fossils the way I did as a child.

2 thoughts on “The Moab Giants Museum and Dinosaur Park

    1. We really enjoyed the Dinosaur Park. The dinosaurs were well placed, turning a corner and wow, there would be a dinosaur with all the teeth displayed!


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