The Canyonlands by Night and Day Sound and Light Show in Moab

October 2, 2020

The Canyonlands by Night and Day Sound and Light Show sounded like a lot of fun. It promised a cowboy-style Dutch oven dinner and a boat ride at night with lighting along the some of the canyon walls that the Colorado River has carved out.

We got there early and picked up our tickets. We walked around the gift shop and along the patio looking out over the river. We leaned along the fence to better see the river. I think leaning on the fence is when I picked up a hitchhiker. I noticed her when I put my hoodie down on a chair. Bruce carefully coaxed her onto bushes next to the fence.

The dinner was cafeteria style, with soda fountains along a couple of walls. Soda was included with the meal. There was a bar and Bruce bought a couple of local craft beers. Alcoholic drinks cost extra. The food was tasty.

Soon after dinner, we boarded the boat. The employees handed out blankets as the boat was boarded. (I was rather disappointed that the blankets weren’t for sale in the gift shop.)

The guide was very well spoken, knowledgeable and entertaining. He pointed out stains on the canyon walls that looked like things and told stories of falling rocks and the arches along the river. He mentioned hanging gardens on the cliffs which are microclimates that support ferns and orchids.

During the tour, all lights were turned off so we could see the night sky. Normally, the Milky Way can be seen, but with the very bright moon and the smoke from the California fires, we did not get to see the Milky Way. Our guide used a very strong white light to point out several star constellations.

They canyon looked very different lit up by 40,000 watts. Since the guide warned that most cameras wouldn’t take good pictures, I didn’t try to capture the lit canyon walls.

It was a fun experience and the boat ride was very smooth. It didn’t cause Bruce to get motion sick, which can be a problem for him.

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