Selling One of the Cars – Downsizing (8)

July 26, 2020

After realizing that insurance and car tags were due on the 12 year old Boxster, Bruce decided he should try again to sell it. He made an appointment with CarMax for Saturday morning at 10 o’clock.

Friday, he took the Boxster to get groceries to make sure everything was working, as it had been a while since he had driven it.

He moved the truck so it was parked next to the side walk next to the house, instead in the driveway, backed the Boxster out from the garage and drove to be evaluated for an offer.

Bruce’s Beloved Boxster

He got a good offer on the car and called me to come sign some paperwork and pick him up. I have to say. I’m pretty impressed with CarMax.

So, we got home and Bruce called the insurance company to take the car off our policy. As soon as he had gotten off the phone, our neighbor across the street called.

She had backed her truck out of her driveway, at low speed, directly into our brand new truck. (Seven months is still brand new to me!)

Dent in the Truck

Bruce now has an appointment on Monday with an insurance adjuster.

14 thoughts on “Selling One of the Cars – Downsizing (8)

    1. Yes, it is sad, but exciting at the same time. We plan to RV full time for at least 5 years and we don’t want to try and store the cars. Bruce got 12 years of fun from his Boxster. We went on road trips all around the country in it. Heading up into the mountains in it with the top down, was always a treat! We took it on Highway 1 in CA all the way to the top of the road in Washington. We took it to Maine and that was a great trip. I hope whoever gets the car has as much fun with it as we did!

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  1. We’re in the process too of downsizing to just one car. It’ll have to be a vehicle that can tow our RV and some of them aren’t so sexy looking. Oh well. We’d have to trade in both our current cars PLUS come up with at least 10 grand (or more) to afford a pick up truck with some extras (NAV system and at least heated seats). We’re still in the looking stage.
    In our middle years, hubby drove a Corvette and me a red hot Mustang.
    Those were the days!!

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    1. He actually seemed pretty excited about getting the Boxster sold. He can think of all the money he saved on tags and insurance. It is also moving us forward on our downsizing plan for our retirement RV dream. The truck was a real bummer. He’s already back from the insurance adjuster.

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