Things to Do to Get Ready for the Retirement RV Dream

First posted in December of 2019.

Re-posted on January 24, 2020 with updates.

Re-posted on July 27, 2020 with updates.

This is a list of things that we need to do to prepare to live the retirement RV dream.

  • Find a truck (done)
    • Research trucks (done)
    • Determine which truck to buy (done)
    • Buy truck (done)
  • Get used to truck (done)
  • Find the RV
    • Research RVs (done)
    • Determine which RV to buy (in progress)
    • Buy RV (searching)
    • Buy RV accessories (That will be its own post.)
  • Take class on pulling an RV
  • Go camping in RV once we’ve bought it!
  • Downsize
    • Downsize physical book library (In progress)
    • Sell bookcases
    • Sell Wine fridge (done)
    • Downsize wardrobe (In progress)
    • Donate blankets (done)
    • Sell Boxster (done)
    • Sell Jetta
    • Sell Honda motorcycle
    • Sell/donate/give away furniture
      • Futons
      • Bed
      • Dressers
      • IKEA Wardrobe
      • TV
      • Media cabinet
      • Kitchen table
      • Coffee tables
      • Sofa table
      • Drafting table
      • Mid-century chair (done)
      • Filing cabinets
      • Office supplies
  • Long term storage
    • Determine pricing on long term storage
    • Figure out long term storage solutions
      • Consider a separate storage locker for things we may want while RVing
      • Consider Pods or a storage solutions like Pods
      • Figure out size of storage needed.
  • Figure out tools to take and tools to store
  • Clean out filing cabinets
    • Shred old documents (started)
    • Put other docs in safe box
  • Sell house
    • Talk to realtor
    • Put house on the market
  • Talk to HR about retirement
    • Get set up to keep insurance

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