Lavender Syrup

July 15, 2020

On Sunday morning, while the day was fairly cool, I went outside with a large bowl and a pair of kitchen sheers to harvest a large portion of my lavender blooms to make lavender syrup.

I got the idea to make lavender syrup after reading Dorothy’s post from The New Vintage Kitchen on how to make lilac syrup. When I commented on her post about using lavender instead of lilac, she said that it was wonderful with lavender as well.

I spent most of the day watching TV in the cool, while pulling the flower petals from the lavender. It was was restful and I loved how the lavender sent spread through the house.

I followed Dorothy’s directions, except I used only 2 cups of pulled flowers. I let it sit overnight and then I strained it in the morning. I was expecting a very mild lavender taste; instead I was surprised by strength of the lavender taste. It tastes so good! It made me wonder if the 2 quarts of flowers was before separating out the flower petals. If that is the case, then I did use 2 quarts of flowers.

I used some of the lavender syrup in whipped cream instead of sugar to put on blueberries. It was lovely!

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7 thoughts on “Lavender Syrup

    1. My mother would make something she called blackberry acid. She would make it and put it in a 5 gallon crock and we would mix it with water. I don’t know how she made it and it is to late to find out how.

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