Christmas Buns

I am reposting this; it was previously posted in December of 2019. Normally, at this time of year, I make these Christmas Buns and take them into the office for the various teams I work with to enjoy. I always get requests for the recipe. I’ve even found a note in the pan that said, […]

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Lavender Syrup

July 15, 2020 On Sunday morning, while the day was fairly cool, I went outside with a large bowl and a pair of kitchen sheers to harvest a large portion of my lavender blooms to make lavender syrup. I got the idea to make lavender syrup after reading Dorothy’s post from The New Vintage Kitchen […]

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No Sugar Banana “Ice Cream”

I was wondering what to do with a couple of overripe bananas and didn’t feel like heating up the house to make banana bread. I found the inspiration for this recipe in the “Cuisinart Recipe Booklet”. Bruce loves cow dairy cheese and milk, but they don’t love him. I thought it would be worth it […]

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Southern Fried Apple Pies

I have been craving the food my grandmother used to make. I dreamed about making chicken and dumplings with her a few nights ago. I’ve also been thinking about her fried apple pies, so this weekend I made Fried Apple Pies. In my minds eye, I can see my grandmother in one of her checked […]

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No Brown Sugar Oatmeal Cookies

I really wanted oatmeal cookies last weekend. When I went through my pantry, I had almost everything I needed, but I didn’t have brown sugar. In the time of improvised cooking, I looked up what I could replace the brown sugar with. The base recipe comes from the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie from The Cook’s […]

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