First Time About and Out

June 16, 2020

Saturday was the first time that I have been shopping since the pandemic started. Bruce has been doing the shopping for us. He normally goes shopping while I am working. With restrictions letting up, I wanted to go shopping.

We took the truck to the Business Costco, as Bruce really wants to get comfortable driving it on city streets. He says that he has started feeling very comfortable driving such a large vehicle, but it is still strange not to have a clutch.

I enjoyed wondering around the Business Costco and seeing people in person. While it has been nice to have virtual social hours and seeing my co-workers through various streaming video, I miss seeing people in person.

At the Business Costco, I picked up blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries. The strawberries are going to partner up with some homegrown rhubarb for another pie. Maybe this time I’ll remember to write the recipe down and post it.

I also picked up a bag of basil and a jar of Kirkland pesto. We also got some Manchego cheese and block of sharp cheddar cheese. I am thinking of making pimiento and cheese sandwiches and maybe pimiento and cheese crackers with the sharp cheddar.

After paying for our shopping. we rolled the cart out to the truck. Bruce already had the seats in the back folded so we had a nice flat space to put the purchases. After we loaded the Costco purchases into the truck, we headed over to Pacific Ocean Marketplace, which shares a parking lot with the Business Costco.

The Pacific Ocean Marketplace had lobsters and oysters on sale, so we splurged and got two live lobsters and six live oysters. I also picked up some fresh vegetables and kimchi.

When we got home, Bruce looked up how to cook lobsters and how to shuck oysters. He ate his oysters raw with a dash of Tabasco sauce. I grilled my oysters in a cast iron skillet, with a dash of sambal oelek spread on top of them. We used the burner on the outdoor kitchen to steam the lobsters.

We sat outside and enjoyed the lobsters with lemon juice and melted butter. Whole lobster are so messy to eat, but so good.

Photo by Toa Heftiba Şinca on

9 thoughts on “First Time About and Out

    1. Hi Betty – Yes, a Business Costco is different than a regular Costco. It focuses on restaurant supplies. They have restaurant equipment and food in very large quantities. You can buy 5 gallons of yogurt, a whole lamb, a half goat, large amounts of eggs, large bags of fresh herbs. They are a great place to shop when hosting a large party. If you have a membership with Costco, you can shop at a Business Costco.


      1. I love regular Costco as well. We only go to the Business Costco about once a quarter, unless we are throwing a big party.


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