BAK Revolver Tonneau Cover

June 11, 2020

After having a large snow this winter, we discovered driving the truck with a foot of snow in the bed is not ideal. The snow would slid forward and slam into the front of the bed or it would slid back and slam into the tailgate. About that same time, we also saw some YouTube channels discussing tonneau covers and how useful they are. So, in late April or early May, Bruce ordered a BAK Revolver tonneau cover for the truck bed.

We picked a BAK Revolver instead of the BAKFlip, after watching a couple of YouTube videos demonstrating the truck bed camera can be blocked with the BAKFlip folded up for a long truck bed. With the BAK Revolver, the truck bed and hitch can still be seen with the tonneau rolled up.

Due to COVID-19, shipping was delayed, and we didn’t get the tonneau cover until late last week. It came in two packages. We discovered the first package propped up against the wall by the front door while we were walking around the yard looking at the flower gardens during my lunch break.

We were very excited and took the package to the back yard and opened it up. After looking at the shipping list and checking to see that we got all the parts, we were upset that the rails were missing from the box. The disappointment didn’t last.

Later that day, the second package arrived with the rails. We discovered the second package when we heard a loud bang by the front door. The wind had blown over the long box that held the rails. I wish I had taken pictures of unboxing the tonneau cover, but I didn’t think about it until after the boxes had been opened.

We had planned on installing the tonneau cover over the weekend, but due to high winds, it didn’t seem wise.

Yesterday, Bruce installed the tonneau cover. I was working while he installed it, so I didn’t get pictures of the install, either.

I am pleased with how it looks! The tonneau cover texture matches the protective covering along the top edge of the truck bed and tailgate. With the tonneau rolled up, the hitch can be seen by the truck bed camera.

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