Denver RV Show (Finding the RV 10)

January 12, 2020

Bruce and I attended the Denver RV show in the Denver Convention Center on Thursday, January 9th. I was smart enough to take a bottle of water this year.

We ate lunch before heading into the show, as there just isn’t much much in the way of food booths at the show, but they did have one booth open for drinks and food.

We looked at various toy hauler 5th wheels, class C’s, super C’s, and the van conversions. I love the look of Airstreams, so we detoured through several. We also looked at the one class A at the show.

The Grand Design Momentum 397TH was at the show. Bruce and I were feeling really good about what a nice RV it is and that it really is a great choice for us. Then we wandered into a Riverstone 39FK. I looked at Bruce and said, “I am in love with this kitchen.” The rest of the RV is very nice as well, but the kitchen is just amazing. I said, “I can bring my entire kitchen with me.”

Bruce pointed out that it did not have a garage, and the manufacturer rep overheard, and said there was a solution. They have a toy hauler with the same living room and kitchen setup, but with a garage under the bed. This really makes it more comparable to the Grand Design 376TH.

We walked back over to the Momentum 397TH and looked at it again. The kitchen is pretty good for an RV, and then we walked back over to the Riverstone 39FK, and Bruce said, “It is night and day.” The Riverstone has two kitchen slides, with an island sink, with a dishwasher drawer. Here’s the link for a look at the Riverstone 39FKTH RV.

So, instead of narrowing down our choices, we’ve picked up another choice to research. I just wish Grand Design had a similar layout for their toy hauler line.

19 thoughts on “Denver RV Show (Finding the RV 10)

  1. The hubby and I sold our home and have been FT RVing for about 3 months. I MISS nothing from my home. I especially do not miss my kitchen. But I didn’t enjoy cooking. I’ve seen the model you are talking about and it is gorgeous. Get what you THINK you want… because it DOES matter. We are in a Keystone Impact 5th wheel Toy Hauler 2020. We use our garage as an office as my hubby is a trader. I still blog. I am so glad I got what I wanted! So excited for you! ~Kim


    1. Thanks for the advice. Several of my friends have told me thatnow is not the time to be practical, and I should just go for it. I love cooking, and had been thinking of how I could manage in a small kitchen. I know people do manage it. If we get the Momentum 397TH, we are planning on using the garage as an office. Do you have any toys?

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      1. We do not…yet. We will be getting a Can Am Spyder! But since we got a new truck and RV we figured we better get use to both first! Then a toy! I saw a few of your recipes. This will be your home. Definitely get what you want! Yay!

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      2. The Can Am Spyders look like so much fun! We’ve had the motorcycle for a few years now and we’re looking forward to riding around different parts of the country.

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      3. I struggle with chronic pain as well. I have “over active” nerves after having shingles and some days, I am fine and other days, I can barely function. I am glad that if I can focus enough on work or reading that I can ignore the pain somewhat. RVing is my chance to travel in comfort and get a chance to see the world, and on bad days, I can just stay home, in our new location.

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  2. Hubs and I were there as well!! We had been thinking about the Momentum 395M, but the 397TH has us really thinking. Guess we will have to head out to the show at the National Western Complex in March!!

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    1. That 397TH is really nice! We’ve looked at it several times. We are planning to head to the show at the National Western Complex in March as well! Good luck in your search!


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