Finding the Truck (5)

December 18, 2019

Last night, Bruce and I discussed buying the truck over dinner. Bruce had taken the time to go through the truck specs on the truck we test drove, to see what was on it that we didn’t need/want and what was missing.

The big item missing was the Towing Technology Group. I think having the Surround-View Camera and the Trailer Reverse Guidance would be very helpful. I’m pretty sure we can find an aftermarket install for the cameras, so Bruce is going to check to see how much that would be.

We then spent some time on the Dodge site building a truck just the way we would want it and comparing it to the truck we test drove.

We have some questions for the dealer. We are going to ask them to try and find a truck for us that has the Towing Technology Group and doesn’t have some of the items we don’t want or need.

Bruce has also been cleaning his car to get it ready to trade in or sell.

Photo From the RAM site

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