Getting Used to the Truck

January 4, 2020 Today was a busy day. We dropped the trucks at the dealer to get it detailed properly. It hadn’t been properly cleaned up from the factory when they turned it over to us. We then drove to Windish RV to see the two Grand Design Toy Haulers we are considering side by […]

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Finding the Truck (7)

December 21, 2019 We did it! We bought the truck yesterday! I am still so excited! We are really doing this! The dealership is adding running boards and the truck won’t be ready until Monday, but it is ours now!

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Finding the Truck (6)

December 19, 2019 Bruce made a list of the the options on the truck that we test drove, and then we built a truck on the Dodge site. He then compared the list of things that we wanted to the the things the truck didn’t have.

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Finding the Truck (5)

December 18, 2019 Last night, Bruce and I discussed buying the truck over dinner. Bruce had taken the time to go through the truck specs on the truck we test drove, to see what was on it that we didn’t need/want and what was missing.

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Finding the Truck (2)

I understood that the week of Thanksgiving might delay the truck’s body work being finished. However, the week after, we expected the salesman to call. He didn’t. I suggested that we give the salesman a call to find out if the truck was fixed or not. Or since he hadn’t bothered to call us, maybe […]

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