Downsizing (2)…Giving Away Books

7 thoughts on “Downsizing (2)…Giving Away Books

  1. Hello. I am a new follower to your blog. Lots of good books you are giving away; I am sure they will be appreciated. I have seen some of the “free libraries” at campgrounds where books are exchanged. I love reading, especially at night before sleep. Also, from another post – I believe I saw you were planning on joining Harvest Hosts. Have you considered Boondockers Welcome? We have only used it once, but it is a great deal. We love the Corps of Engineers campgrounds and find them to be very budget friendly – especially with our Senior National Parks pass. But even without that, it i
    s still a good deal. Good luck with your adventures. I look forward to reading more!


    1. I’m excited that you’re following my blog. Thank you!

      I’ve donated over a 100 books to our public library system. They sell the books to raise money twice a year. I’ll continue to donate to them, as well as letting my friends and coworkers pick through my books.

      I haven’t really looked at Boondockers Welcome yet. It sounds like you had a very good experience, and that it would worth checking them out.

      We won’t be quite old enough for a senior pass yet, but I am really looking forward to exploring the park system. I have heard that Corps of Engineers campgrounds are really nice.

      There is just much to take in!


  2. If you have a local VA hospital, they often happily take novels and some history books for their libraries. You might inquire to see if they are interested. I’ve done that on several occasions, and they were thrilled to get the books (sci-fi, mil-sci-fi, general histories in paperback).


  3. Giving up books was one of the hardest things for me. My library was a source of pride for for me. But living a life of freedom is now more important.


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