Concerns and Questions about Full-time RVing

We had some concerns and questions about going full-time RVing and I am going to list them out. I’ll blog about each of these as we figure out the answers to the questions.

  • Original concerns:
    • Could we be happy in a much smaller space? This won’t be camping, this will be our home. This is what we did to try out a smaller space: Can We live in 400 Square Fee?
    • Will the dogs adjust? They will have their own stuff, but they are use to being able to go outside when they want through their dog door.
    • What will we do with the stuff we want to keep, but it won’t make sense to take? Long Term Storage Plans
    • How long will full-time RVing be fun?
    • How much will it cost year to year?
    • How will we get our medication while traveling?
    • How will we get mail?
    • How will we vote?
    • What will we do with our cars?
    • Where will we park our RV until we are ready to go?
    • What upgrades should we do?
    • What type of RV should we buy? See Finding the RV
    • What RV brand should we buy? See Finding the RV
    • What RV layout should we buy? See Finding the RV
    • Should we start small? See Finding the RV
    • Are there any classes we can take to learn how to handle the RV? Yes.
    • What kitchen tools and appliances can I take and what will I use?
    • Should we move residence from Colorado?
  • After looking at RVs and narrowing our choices down, here are some additional questions:
    • What will it be like towing a large RV aka big rig?
    • When should we buy the RV and truck? Finding the Truck
    • Should we get a new RV or a used one?
    • Can we find a good used truck or will we have to buy a new one? Finding the Truck
    • What size of truck do we need? Finding the Truck
    • What brand of truck should we get? Finding the Truck
    • How often do we think we would use the outdoor kitchen, if the RV has one?
    • Should we take a grill, and if so, what type of grill should we take?
    • If we order an RV, can we leave out the stuff that we don’t want?

Links will be added to this page as we figure out the answers to these questions.

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