Can We Live in 400 Square Feet?

Another concern we had about full-time RVing, was downsizing. We are currently living in 2,380 square foot house. I have a great kitchen, master suite, and a big back porch. Could we be happy in 400 square feet of living space?

We thought about renting an RV to try it out RV living. Since we don’t have the truck yet, we would have to rent a motor coach. In considering what we needed to rent, I realized I wasn’t concerned about the traveling part, but the living space size and if we would be comfortable in 400 square feet.

I found WeeCasa, a tiny home resort in Lyons, CO. They had a tiny home that was 400 square feet, the Sequoia. The location of WeeCasa was right across the road from downtown Lyons. The location was how I hope we will be able to do a lot of our RVing, being within walking distance of restaurants, grocery stores, parks, hiking trails, and other attractions. (There was a city RV park on the other side of the hill from WeeCasa that was a little closer to downtown Lyons for walking.)

Bruce and I discussed trying out the tiny home during my vacation so we could get a feel for living in a much smaller space. In September, we rented the Sequoia from Monday to Friday, as they are super busy on the weekends.

We road the motorcycle to Lyons and checked in at WeeCasa. Once we unpacked, we looked up what was in town and things to do locally.

We spent a great deal of time outside on the deck reading and walking around town to see the sights. We hiked along the river trails. We got groceries and I made dinner a couple of times.

We discussed how things fit into the space, and if it was an RV where would the dog crate and other dog stuff go. We didn’t feel cramped, which was my biggest fear. The kitchen felt adequate and if I could picture how much nicer the kitchen would have been with my kitchen tools and equipment.

Bruce and I spent a lot of time discussing living in the smaller space and how it felt.

Staying in the tiny house gave us the confidence to move forward with the retirement rv dream. If staying in the tiny house had shown us that it wasn’t workable for us to live in a much smaller space, the RVing full-time dream would have died.

The Sequoia at WeeCasa

5 thoughts on “Can We Live in 400 Square Feet?

  1. Great way to test out your dream. I think the trick is how you spend your time. Tiny house living really appeals to me, but I’d have to give up some of my space-taking hobbies. Another key–using the outdoors as much or more than the indoors, I think.

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    1. Yes, I think most people in a tiny house must use the outdoors as much as the indoors. We found that we spent a great deal of our time on the deck attached to the tiny house.I’ve watched the show “Tiny House Nation” on Netflix. They do some amazing things with space for hobbies. At home, my biggest hobby is cooking, then gardening, and I’m giving up gardening for a while to allow for my dream of traveling. I plan to see botanical gardens around the country.


  2. The place you rented is super cute. The 400 sq ft “park model” we are renting in Gold Canyon seems very workable for 2. There are some cupboards we have not used at all, although if we were living here full time I am sure we would use up all the storage space.

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    1. It was really cute, and they have a Hobbit House Tiny Home that was supper cute. We really like staying in the tiny home and Lyons is such a pretty town in such a pretty area. I wanted to get an idea of living in such a small space before I agreed to go RVing full time.

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