Long Term Storage Ideas

While we plan to sell or give away many things, there are some things that we want to keep long term. I do believe at some point, that we will want a sticks and bricks home again. I image we will keep the RV and go on trips, but maybe we’ll downsize the RV at that point since we’ll be camping.

After getting rid of everything that we don’t want to keep, we plan to get a storage unit where we will put items that we think that we will need. We aren’t really sure how often we’ll need access to anything in the storage unit.

For the large bulky items, we are going to use Pods or another moving and storage container company. When we get ready to leave full-time RVing, Pods will simply move the storage container to our new home and we’ll unpack it.

Ideally, the storage unit contents will be loaded into a small Pods container to be moved for us. If the storage unit contents can’t be loaded into a small Pods container, we’ll load it into a small U-Haul truck and one of us will drive the U-Haul truck to our new location.

This does add to the cost of living, but there are things I just don’t want to give up, at least right now.

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