Researching the RV Life…Finances

I am amazed at the number of bloggers and YouTubers who provide information about their monthly or yearly finances. I am very grateful that they are willing to share their finances, as it helps provide an understanding of how much RVing can cost.

There are books as well, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can find books on RVing for free.

One of my friends at work sent me a spreadsheet put together by a friend of hers that is a full time RV where he tracks his yearly expenses.

In reviewing all the various cost, we think we have an idea of how much we want to spend and how much the RV full-time life style could cost. It is all guess work at this time, as we really don’t know what type of RV life style we are going to adopt. We have ideas, but once we are full-time RVers, our ideas may change.

We aren’t looking to live as cheaply as possible, but we are looking to save money when it makes sense.

Thoughts on saving money and once we are living full time, I’ll see how close these guesses are:

  • Boondocking on the way to a location. We are planning on joining Harvest Host as they seem to be an amazing deal.
  • Boondocking in National Forrests.
  • Staying in state parks when possible.
  • Riding the motorcycle to see places and to make short trips. (Not taking the truck unless necessary.)
  • Making lunch for trips.
  • Eating out at lunch and eating at home for breakfast and dinner.
  • Splitting a meal when eating out.
  • We are considering buying a washing machine and dryer, as it appears that laundry can be expensive. Based on some of the videos, even if you have a washing machine and dryer, sometimes you still have to use a commercial laundry.
  • When staying at a private RV park, try to stay longer to get better rates.

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