Researching the RV Life…YouTube

I watched YouTube channels to get a feel for how RV traveling would be. Bruce was subscribed to Technomadia, with Chris and Cherie, You, Me, and the RV with Phil & Stacy, and RV Day Dream with Mike and Hedi. I discovered Changing Lanes and felt that Chad & Tara are living the life style that we want to. They have a 5th wheel Grand Design toy hauler and ride their motorcycle to see attractions. They also have a cute little dog. After watching a couple of their videos, Bruce subscribed to Changing Lanes as well.

Bruce and I now watch RV videos together on our smart TV. Sometimes, interesting RV videos from channels that we are not subscribed to come up and we watch them. We are trying to learn as much as we can. We’ve watched videos on RV budgeting, how to plan getting to your next location, camping in the desert, boondocking, security, various how-to fix things, getting into sticky spots, getting out of sticky spots, cooking on the trip, Harvest Host, the towing truck, tires, etc.

Keep Your Daydream’s channel came up as one of the interesting RV videos, as did RV Odd Couple, and several other random RV videos. We also watched videos of people living in very small spaces, such as Elsa Rhae, living in a 13 foot Scamp. We watched tours of people’s Class C’s, Class A’s, school buses, and other buses.

In watching the videos and using our imagination in how it would be to live in these situations based on the RVs that we had actually been in, and talking about it, we felt a lot more sure that we could live in an RV full-time.

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