Out of the Blue, Retirement RV Dream

I came home from work one day, and during dinner, Bruce starting talking about how much fun he thought full-time RVing would be. This caught me totally by surprise, since for years, we had talked about retiring to 1 to 10 acres in the South.

I have learned, over the years not to just say no, even when something knocks me for a loop. I make myself listen so I can understand the why and what (and sometimes who). In this case, I knew the who (Bruce). It did take me a bit to get over the shock, as RVing was not on my horizon at all. I asked why he thought it would be fun.

The why: Bruce had been lured into the idea of full-time RVing through YouTube. He was watching one of his normal channels and the YouTuber mentioned RVing. This somehow went from a mention about RVing to watching several videos on RVing, to deciding it looked like fun and that it could be something we might want to do.

We both like to travel and had planned to do a bit a travel during retirement. We both enjoy road trips and seeing different parts of the country. Two weeks always seemed like it was enough, because we started really missing our dogs and wanting to get back home.

So, we talked about why it was so nice to get back home:

  • To see and play with the dogs
  • Sleep in our own bed
  • Check on the yard
  • See how the garden was growing
  • Having all of our normal stuff around us
  • Going to the familiar places
  • Me: Cooking in my kitchen

So in going over this list, RVing would remove all the reason it was so nice to come home.

  • The dogs would come with us, so we would be able to see them and play with them, just like we do when we are at home.
  • We would be able to sleep in our own bed every night.
  • We wouldn’t have a yard or garden to worry about.
  • We would have our stuff with us.
  • We could stay in one place to develop new familiar places.
  • I could cook in my own kitchen.

I have to admit, I felt a bit scared about this change in direction. This was a completely new idea and I didn’t know anything about RVing. Bruce, at least, had gone camping in a travel trailer with his parents when he was a boy and had some idea what it might be like to go RVing.

I started watching various YouTube videos and reading blogs about full-time RVing to get an idea of what it would be like. After a lot of videos and blog post, I agreed it seemed like it could be fun.

If we were going to do this, then we needed to figure out what type of RV we wanted. There are so many choices!

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