Regular Living Task – Water Heater Cleaning

May 4, 2023

We have a Truma On-demand Water Heater. It has a small reservoir, but most of the water is heated on-demand. This means I can have a hot water shower until either the holding tank fills up or we run out of propane. Neither is something I want to do, having once been in the shower, washing my hair, when the propane tank ran out.

The Truma has a small reservoir keeps the systems using hot water from having a cold water sandwich, which happens sometimes with an on-demand water heater. (hot, cold, hot)

I have been throughly impressed with the Truma water heater.

Like all water heaters, it does require maintenance from time to time.

Last wee, the Truma had the warning (error) light blinking and in looking up the code, Bruce realized it was time to decalcify the water heater.

Bruce watched two YouTube videos on how to decalcify the water heater. Neither video gave the full set of instructions, but between the two, Bruce figured it out.

Truma makes decalcification tablets that fit into a holder in the water heater. The tablets dissolve over 4 to 6 hours. The Truma will tell you when when to take the next step of cleaning out the system.

The hot water will run pink at first, then a very nasty brown color. Then the water will turn light pink and then clear.

The Truma blinks to let you know the next step is ready. Bruce went outside, turned the water off, and drained the remaining water from the water heater.

He then turned the water back on and the propane back on. Then he went back around the RV and turned the outside switch for the Truma on. He came in and turned the inside switch on.

To add a twist to this, we ran out of propane in one our tanks just as we were getting hot water, so the water heater started flashing another error code.

Once Bruce figured out what was happening, he switched to the other propane tank.

Then, we had hot water again.

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