We All Need A Little Help From Our Friends

I had a great time visiting Jeanne! It was fun working with Priscilla and Jeanne to make these fun little dessert bites! I didn’t take any pictures, but Jeanne did!

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

The outdoor hockey game turned out to be a big bust. Mother Nature decided she didn’t like outdoor hockey and started melting the ice. They boys were a little disappointed. But we girls, on the other hand, had a blast!!!!!!

Priscilla, Julia and I all love to cook and experiment with things in the kitchen. So while the boys were waiting and hoping the game would resume, we were busy playing and having fun in the kitchen. I had made my torta rustica, gnocchis with pesto and an asparagus and pepper tart (for another occasion, but I still made it all at the same time), and the plan was to make some chocolate cannoli for dessert. Channeling the Italian Nonnas. Well, silly me, I didn’t read the directions on how to make the cannolies beforehand, and didn’t realize that in order to actually make the cannoli shapes I needed cannoli…

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