Starting to Consider Trucks

Bruce and I watched several YouTube videos on the size of truck needed for towing. Then we started watching reviews on trucks. We are now discussing what truck we want to buy.

Knowing that we are considering the Momentum 367THS with a hitch weight of 3,250 lbs and GVWR of 20,000 lbs, we know need a truck that tow that that amount with at least a 20% safety range. After watching a Changing Lanes YouTube on truck towing, we knew we would need a big truck.

I’d like to give Big Truck Big RV a shout out for all the great YouTube videos he puts out on reviewing trucks.

We are strongly considering Dodge RAM 3500 and Ford 350 duallys. We are leaning toward a Dodge RAM right now, but we need to test drive both.

With the year end sales coming up, we will start looking soon or we will wait until next year.

Truck Picture From the Dodge Site

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