Checking Out the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma

May 27, 2023

After our hike in the morning, Nox was tired and just wanted to rest with all her toys.

I wanted to go see the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, which is next to the Great Salt Plains Lake State Park.

Bruce and I left Nox behind in the air conditioned RV since we thought dogs wouldn’t be allowed in the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge.

It turns out dogs are allowed on a leash, so we could’ve brought the tired Nox.

We walked the Hoot Owl Trails. We didn’t see any owls. We did see signs of a fire. The trail was rough, with roots sticking up and holes in the trails.

Cottonwood Tree

After we made it back to the Eagle Roost Trail, we headed towards the Great Salt Plains Lake. The Eagle Roost Trail is a gravel and it is a easy walking trail.

There was a bird blind at the edge of a bay on the lake. The bird blind was well designed. People of different heights could easily look through the windows. They also had a free telescope on one side.

There were many shore birds at the edge of the water. In the reeds, I saw red wing black birds.

As we walked along the trail, we crossed a bridge with a pond full of a blooming water plant, with bits of cottonwood fluff resting on top.

Water Crowfoot aka Water Buttercup

The catalpa trees were blooming alongside the trail. Can you spot the moth in one of the catalpa flowers?

Catalpa Blooming

We walked back to the truck and took the automobile tour. It is gravel and a bit bumpy.

We saw a small herd of deer and a deer as we traveled through the refuge. There are many marshes in the winter and early spring. They dry out in the spring and stay dry until the late fall.

Here is a view of the lake as we drove home.

We enjoyed the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge and if you are a birder, this is a interesting stop in the middle of the country.

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