Wildlife in Frog City RV Park, Louisiana

May 10, 2023

The dog park and the field behind the pavilion is full of crawfish chimneys or mounds. Some of the chimneys/mounds have been closed off by the crawfish.

When I looked up what the crawfish towers were called, I found they were not called towers, but chimneys or mounds. The more authoritative sources called them chimneys and the gardening sources called them mounds.

One night, when we were walking Nox, we walked over to the crawfish chimney area. Using a flash light, we were looking around to see if we could spot any crawfish.

At the top of a crawfish chimney, Bruce noticed something dark blocking the hole. I looked at it and saw that it was the crawfish’s claw! I said as much to Bruce and as I went to get my phone out to get a picture, the crawfish scuttled backwards into its burrow.

We have seen lots of dragonflies. This one stopped on top of the dog park fence long enough for me to get a picture.

Dragonfly on Fence

We have also seen a few fireflies and a few love bugs.

Mocking birds and blue jays abound, but I have not had any luck getting a picture. There are other birds as well and some parts of the day, the bird songs fill the air.

One morning, about 6:00 am, I was coming home after walking Nox around the RV park, when I noticed a green tree frog on the RV a slide by the door.

We’ve enjoyed spotting the wildlife in the park. It is not necessarily a place you would expect to have a lot of wildlife.

9 thoughts on “Wildlife in Frog City RV Park, Louisiana

  1. And too many people don’t expect to see wildlife, so they don’t see what’s right in front of them. Thank you for informing us about crawfish chimneys. I’ve only seen these creatures in the water; I didn’t realize that they also spent time on land, building themselves caves.

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    1. In Colorado, there were times of the year the creeks were full of crawfish. In Mississippi, in the wet areas, we would see crawfish chimneys. Mom told us she would catch crawfish by tying a piece of bacon to a string and lowering it into the crawfish hole. I tried it and never caught one.

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  2. I never knew this about crawfish, but then we called them crawdads in Texas and not sure I knew much about them there either. There may have been some near the river, but I don’t know that. The chimneys remind me of what the moles and groundhogs do here, except the hole is not that big. In spring, they dig them all over the front yard. I am generally just amazed at wildlife, and thus, enjoy your pictures and discussions about what you find!

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    1. We called them crayfish or crawdads. It depended if it was my mom or my dad talking about them. I do wonder what my mom did with the crawfish she caught when she was a girl.

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