Breakfast at The Coffee Depot in Scott, Louisiana

May 8, 2023

On May 2, Tuesday of last week, we rode the motorcycle into Scott and had breakfast at The Coffee Depot.

The Coffee Depot is in an old train station that has been renovated to be a restaurant and coffee bar.

There is a coffee bar and train station decorations as well pictures of Scott throughout the years.

The food was very good and Bruce enjoyed his cup of Community Coffee (a Louisiana coffee that has roasted chicory mixed in).

I ordered the pecan pancakes and received a pecan waffle instead. I decided to eat the waffle because I had debated between the pancakes and the waffle. The waffle was packed with pecans and it was delicious. I tried a bit of Bruce’s biscuit and found it to be light and fluffy. Bruce ordered the Boxcar breakfast, 2 eggs, grits, bacon and a biscuit.

It was a fun, tasty experience and the price for the quality of food was cheaper than expected.

6 thoughts on “Breakfast at The Coffee Depot in Scott, Louisiana

    1. I felt they did a great job in keeping the train station feel and saving the important parts of the station. Scott is this little town with a lot fun things. They still have a lot of the old fashion family grocery stores, butcher shops, and old time pharmacies. I wanted to see the antique shops, but decided I shouldn’t look since we don’t need the anything else in the RV.

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    1. It has been fun touring various places in Louisiana. I had hoped to see more in this area, but we were staying in the RV for one week since we caught a cold. Nox is having problems with her digestive system right now, so we don’t want to leave her alone.

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