Tabasco Tour on Avery Island, Louisiana – Part 1

May 4, 2024

For many years, I have wanted to go to Avery Island and tour the Tabasco Factory. This was the year I got to do the Tabasco tour!

We road the motorcycle to Avery Island. There is a gate to let you on the island. They give you a parking pass at the gate. Signage is good, but the road to the factory and museums is gravel.

Parking is free and there is a big lot for parking buses and RVs. We could have fit our rig in the parking that parking lot with no trouble.

We parked the motorcycle in the shade. We had a short walk to the start of the tour, which is the Tabasco Museum.

The Tabasco Museum covers the history of Tabasco, Avery Island, and the McIlhenny family. Most of pictures didn’t turn out well. These are the ones that came out best, so please excuse glare and reflections.

After touring the Tabasco Museum, we headed to the next stops, the small greenhouse and Barrel Museum. There were exhibits along the sidewalk as we walked towards the greenhouse.

One the way to the greenhouse, we noticed a detour to walk inside a bamboo forest. We took the detour and enjoyed the coolness inside the bamboo forest.

After walking through the bamboo forest, we continued over to the greenhouse.

You walk through the greenhouse and then to the Barrel Museum.

I will continue the rest of the tour in my next post.

16 thoughts on “Tabasco Tour on Avery Island, Louisiana – Part 1

    1. We started the tour of the gardens, but got confused by the signs about RV and Bus parking. We turned left when we should’ve turned right. I was ready to leave since riding a motorcycle on loose gravel is rather nerve racking, so we didn’t go back around.

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      1. I can believe it! We were also confused by the signs saying Tabasco Fan. We were following signs for Tabasco Tours and then they changed the signs to say Tabasco Fan. Very confusing!

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    1. It is an amazing place and so beautiful, with the live oak branches dipping down to the ground. Since I love the smell of Tabasco, I loved how the factory smelled. By the way, I’ve started reading your novel.

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