Battleship Memorable Park – Part 4 – USS Drum

March 21, 2023

After touring the Aircraft Pavilion, we walked outside to tour the World War II Submarine, the USS Drum.

There was an easy platform to climb to get to the upper deck of the submarine. You can see the top of the platform next to the submarine.

The self guided tour started forward, but we walked around on the upper deck getting a look at the top of the USS Drum.

They modified the USS Drum slightly to accommodate tourists for the entry and exit of the tour.

The tour starts by going down a ladder into the foward torpedo room.

There was a head in the front torpedo room. It was so small, I felt for the men who had to use it.

We proceeded through a hatch. We had to step up and duck down to get through the hatch.

We passed the captain’s and officers’ quarters and the galley. In the captain’s quarters, a memorial was set up for Captain Gilmore from Selma, AL. He did not serve on the USS Drum, but the USS Growler. He was an incredible sailor.

We passed by all sorts of switches and dials.

We passed through the control room, the area for eating and relaxing, the laundry and we reached the crew quarters. They had 15 bunks. The crew slept in shifts, with three men using the same bunk.

Past the crew quarters, was the engine room.

At the stern was the aft torpedo room. The tour then came back to the crews’ quarters and exits.

The USS Drum was a fascinating tour. It was very close quarters in some places. If you are claustrophobic, this is not a tour for you.

We also learned submarines are named for fish. The USS Drum was named for the drum fish, a type of sea bass.

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