Battleship Memorial Park – Part 3 – Aircraft Pavilion

March 19, 2023

After touring the battleship USS Alabama, we headed back inside of the Aircraft Pavilion.

The Aircraft Pavilion had mini theaters set up in front of the various aircrafts using old theater seats or folding chairs in front of large screen TVs. These mini theaters were playing history programs about the wars and the experiences of the men who used the aircraft.

Since my ankle was bothering me, I thought it would be a great to sit and watch some of the programs. They were incredible informative. I loved the interviews with the actual airmen.

We went slowly around the Aircraft Pavilion, stopping to read the plaques and signs. We also stopped and watched several of the history programs.

I enjoyed the Aircraft Pavilion very much. It was flat and very easy to get around.

4 thoughts on “Battleship Memorial Park – Part 3 – Aircraft Pavilion

  1. Julia,

    Seeing that title “Women at War” reminded me of a book I just finished entitled “The Sky Is My Home” by Pam Mueller, whom I believe you met while on Jekyll. The book is about the life of Hazel Jane Raines, who the first woman in Georgia to get her aviator’s license in Georgia. She was from Macon, Georgia.

    She and other lady pilots did a lot of non-combat flying jobs during World War II, freeing up male pilots to fight the war.

    I’ll keep my copy handy in case you would like to read it next time you’re on Jekyll.

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