Battleship Memorial Park on Mobile Bay in Alabama – Part 1

March 17, 2023

Yesterday, we rode the motorcycle to see the Battleship Memorial Park. It has the USS Alabama and the USS Drum, as well as many tanks and aircraft.

As you turn onto the road into the park, you are greeted by two large guns, one on either side of the entrance. You have to stop at the gate to pay a $5 parking fee. The parking fee helps support the daily maintenance of the park. They don’t get Federal or State monies for the daily maintenance.

There is a lot to see outside that you don’t have to pay extra for. If you want to tour the USS Alabama and the USS Drum, as well as the air hanger, it it an extra $18, unless you’re over 55, then it is $15.

This is a very picture heavy post. So I put in a Read More section to allow you to load the pictures if you want.

I am going to show you pictures of the grounds in this post.

The first thing we noticed after parking was the B-52, Calamity Jane. It had such a wing span the wings had wheels.

Across the road was a sea plane, an Albatross, originally used by the Coast Guard. The side wheels fold into the side of the plane.

We walked back across the road to see the tank and the war memorials. I also walked over to see the helicopter on the pole.

We then walked over to see some more planes and boats. Some of these had information plaques but many did not.

There was no place I could stand to get a good picture of the Blackbird. It is as stunning plane.

After we paid to tour the battleship, submarine, and the aircraft pavilion, we completed several of the tours. While on the USS Alabama, we saw a pier, picnic areas, and several tanks.

We decided after we finished our tours, we would check out the tanks. The gift shop closed at 4:00 pm, so we weren’t able to buy a tshirt on our way out.

We went out through the gate and explored the rest of the outside.

There were a lot of tanks and guns as well more aircraft.

We started walking back to the motorcycle and saw several more aircraft.

We spent 4 1/2 hours in the park and didn’t get to see everything.

We rode home along Hwy 90, which is just a little above the water in the bays and rivers next to Mobile Bay. It was a beautiful ride.

I am going to do additional post about the battleship, submarine, and aircraft pavilion.

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