Christmas Decorations at Lake Pines RV Park

December 22, 2022

In front of the office, they wrapped this pole for Christmas.

There is a private cabin in the park, with Christmas lights.

The campground also has an event center with a chapel and barn.

I have enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights during night walks.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations at Lake Pines RV Park

  1. Did I miss the post with the photos of the RV decked out in lights? Nox in her Elf costume? Anyway, I wanted to wish you, Bruce and of course Miss Nox a wonderful Christmas on the Road and I’m sure Santa will find you no matter which park you may be in. Now, go cook some Figgy Pudding. 🎄

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    1. Nox cares not for clothes! She is being a snuggle Nox when it is cold. The RV is not decked out with holly or anything else since we are lazy. Thank you for the Christmas wishes! We’ll be trying to stay warm as the freezing cold weather finally hits GA this weekend. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I can’t help but wonder if you’ve found something to top the racing possums! I’ll be backing, but it won’t be Figgy Pudding!


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