So Cold!

December 24, 2022 We had a low of 12 degrees F last night. The furnace ran most of the night to keep us warm. We also ran the resistance heaters to keep everything warm. To prepare for the cold, we used our heated water hose. To help prevent the waterlines from freezing in the TV, […]

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A Fright in the Night

December 23, 2022 Last night, around 2:30 am, a loud bang and a shaking of the RV woke us up. We knew it wasn’t Santa coming to visit early. We quickly got dressed to see what had happened. Bruce thought someone may have hit us. As we came out into the living room, Nox raced […]

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A Sunny Day after Much Rain

December 16, 2022 We’ve had several days of rain, so it was a wonderful when it stopped raining yesterday. After one o’clock, we headed over to Flat Rock State Park in Columbus, Georgia. We decided to see some different trails. Bruce parked the motorcycle next to a trail. The trail is also a service road. […]

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Nox Just Hanging Out

December 12, 2022 Nox loves lying next to me on the theater seating while I read. Later, Nox decided she wanted to sit next to Bruce. She walked underneath his desk and sat there, looking up at him for a while. I am not sure what thoughts Nox was trying to put in Bruce’s head.

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Mars Acting as a Decoration

December 7, 2022 Tonight is the last full moon of 2022. Mars dangled from the bottom of the moon, a glowing point of light decorating the moon. Now, the alignment has moved some and Mars is to the side of the moon. I was unable to get good pictures tonight, so you will just have […]

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