Another Section of the Columbus Georgia Riverwalk

December 10, 2022

On Thursday (December 8), we decided to see another section of the Riverwalk. It was south of Hemlock Park and had parking right along the Riverwalk.

We had no trouble parking the truck as the small parking lot was empty.

This was a rather interesting section of the Riverwalk. It is right next to an old abandoned mill, a dam with a bridge allowing you to see the dam. There is seating, but no picnic tables.

We headed north so we could reach the section we had made it to before. Here are some pictures as we walked to the foot bridge.

The bridge is L shaped. Between the two sections is a platform with seating.

We got a great view of the river.

At the north end of the bridge, there is the remains of a brick mill with an brick folly for the Riverwalk.

Past the brick folly is a beautiful walkway. I took some pictures of it as we headed back to the truck.

We bought Nox along with us and she was getting tired. We decided not to head south past the truck since we had already been on the trail for an hour or so.

This was a very interesting and beautiful section of the Riverwalk. We had a lovely walk with beautiful scenery.

4 thoughts on “Another Section of the Columbus Georgia Riverwalk

    1. I was amazed by the beauty of this spot. The bridge is stunning and it feels as if it leads to a secret spot. Columbus is way more interesting than I thought it would be and we haven’t even made it to nearby Calloway Gardens.

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