Morning Walk in Huntsville, AL

October 14, 2022

While we were in River Ridge Retreat on Lake Guntersville, AL, on October 2nd, Bruce and I met up with a couple of friends to walk the Indian Creek Greenway in Huntsville and Madison.

We parked at the trail head along Old Madison Pike Road. One of our friends brought his dog, Daisy. She is a real cutie. We did not bring Nox, as she was limping a bit.

Daisy Watching Us

The trail follows along Indian Creek and is mostly wooded. There is a frisbee golf course along part of the trail.

The trail goes to Creekwood Park. Creekwood Park has a big playground, two large dog parks, pavilions, and restrooms.

Out friend let Daisy play in the dog park, then jump in the creek.

The water was over Daisy’s head and that surprised her. She hadn’t been in water over her head before.

We walked back the same way we came.

Along the way, we saw hickory nuts and Osage Oranges on the ground.

Osage Orange aka Horse Apple

After we got back to the trail head, one friend headed home, taking Daisy with him. We ate lunch with our other friend at the West End Grill.

After lunch, we headed back to the RV, passing the US Space and Rocket Center.

I enjoyed seeing the rockets and the large flag as we drove past.

4 thoughts on “Morning Walk in Huntsville, AL

    1. They are a fruit that is not really human edible, as it is very bitter. The tree is used in hedge rows and has a beautiful wood. It was used by the Osage Tribe to make bows. The Osage Orange was apparently food for giant sloths and woolly mammoths. It is wide spread throughout the south-central US.


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