Trip to the Farmers Market and then a U-Pick Farm

September 13, 2022

On Saturday (September 10), Bruce and I went to the Guntersville’s Farmers’ Market. We got there later in the day, almost noon, and there was only one stand left selling vegetables.

I bought red potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, purple bell peppers, and cucumbers. It was a good deal. I am happy to have the veggies now that I can stand long enough to cook.

And yes that slope for the Farmers’ Market is real. There is a slope down to the Guntersville Lake.

After the Farmers’ Market, we picked up some hiking boots for Bruce. We then went shopping for groceries and anything cold was put in the cooler.

On the way back to River Ridge Retreat, we stopped and a U-Pick, GNH Farm. We picked a small bucket of scuppernongs and muscadines.

We did eat a fair number of scuppernongs and muscadines while we picked. The gentleman in the office recommended that we taste the fruit of each vine before deciding if we wanted to pick it.

We only made it to row four before we had our basket full.

GNH Farm also sells already picked fruit if you don’t want to pick the fruit. They sold juice and jelly as well. In October, they have Japanese persimmons available for u-pick.

On the way back to the RV retreat, I took some poof the plant that covered the South!

When we got home, I snapped the green beans and got them ready to cook.

It was a fun and productive day. My ankle didn’t give me any problems. I kept my wrap on it and I was wearing my stiff hiking boots.

9 thoughts on “Trip to the Farmers Market and then a U-Pick Farm

  1. I had to look up scuppernongs (the things you learn from reading blogs!) and it is surely something I would love to have growing in my garden. What an interesting species of grape; the color too!

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