Off to a Safari

June 28, 2022

On Saturday (June 25), we decided to go on a safari. Bruce reserved a spot for the 1:00 pm tour. We drove the short distance from Poverty Point State Park to the Wild Country Safari Park.

The gift shop has several birds.

We paid to be driven in the open aired school bus (no windows) with a long bench seats on each side of the bus. Bruce also bought a bag of feed for each of us. We brought water with us, as it was hot!

The driver was very informative. He told us the safe way to feed these large animals and not so large animals.

The idea was to fill the provide cup about a third of the way up, then hold the cup at the lower quarter, and tip the feed into the animals mouth, as if pouring water into their mouths.

We enjoyed seeing the animals and feeding them. The driver takes the bus close to the animals in the shade. He doesn’t have to stay on the road. They do allow you to drive your own vehicle around on the road, but you miss out on the commentary and the ability to feed the animals. You don’t have to feed the animals to go on the bus tour.

After the bus tour, we walked over to feed the ostriches. Looking at an ostrich, you can believe they are dinosaurs. We were to fill the cup and hold it up so the ostrich could peck into the cup. The ostriches stuck their heads and a good bit of their necks through the fence. We did not try to pet the ostriches.

The kangaroos weren’t interested in leaving their shade.

We walked over to the petting zoo. They had a sink to wash your hands after petting the animals. They had goats, pigs, cows, alpacas, and zebras in the petting zoo. We used up the last of our feed on one of the zebras

We enjoyed the experience.

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