Actual Dumpster Fire in RV Park

May 26, 2022

When we were staying in River Ridge Retreat at Guntersville, AL (, we would walk with our trash bag to the dumpster. It was a 3/4 mile walk to the dumpster, so we would feel like we got some exercise.

One afternoon, we walked to the dumpster and as we walked up to the dumpster, we could smell smoke. As we got closer to the dumpster, we could see smoke coming out of the sides and top.

We put our garage bag on the ground beside the dumpster because we didn’t want to open up the dumpster and feed oxygen to the fire. We decided to walked the quarter mile to the office to let the retreat employees know they had a fire in their dumpster.

The employee at the desk was surprised about the fire and she was grateful that we stopped by to let her know about the fire. We walked back to our RV past the smoking dumpster.

Later, we were walking Nox and Bruce wanted to walk to the dumpster. He wanted to see the dumpster and make sure the fire was out and our garbage bag had been put in the dumpster.

The dumpster was open and no longer smoking. Our trash bag was no longer next to the dumpster, so we felt good about helping the retreat out.

As we were walking back to the RV, one of the retreat workers on a mower stopped and talked to us. He was joking around about us not needing to set the dumpster on fire, but instead we should use the fire rings. Bruce and I laughed. The retreat employee then thanked us for letting them know about the dumpster fire.

Dumpster at Retreat

2 thoughts on “Actual Dumpster Fire in RV Park

    1. We didn’t see what started the fire. The retreat provided charcoal grills, so someone could’ve cleaned up their grill and tossed a live coal into the dumpster.


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