A Couple of Parks in Hays, KS

May 25, 2022

While we were in Hays, KS, last week, I planned to go to the Fort Hays State Historical Site. We got there too late and the buildings were closed.

The name Frontier Historical Park sounded interesting and it was across the highway from the Fort Hays State Historical Site. I saw it was a walking park and open. That sounded like it might be fun with historical markers, etc.

We parked in the Hays Municipal Park since there were trails that connect the two parks.

The Municipal Park has picnic tables and a large playground. It had large beautiful trees around the park. We also noticed there was a disc golf course with baskets along the edge of the park.

We walked over the footbridge and crossed Main St to get to the Frontier Historical Park. We followed the trail and it dipped down to a concrete bridge over a different creek. The Frontier Historical Park was not what I expected.

It was just a continuation of the Hays Municipal Park. It had a pavilion and picnic tables. There was a playground.and big trees around this park. The disc golf course continued in this park.

We walked to the edge in hopes of seeing the bison.

The bison weren’t by the fence, so we didn’t see them at this time.

We walked back a different way and almost got hit by a disc that someone tossed at the disc golf basket.

We got back to the motorcycle and geared up. As we headed back to the RV, we passed the field with bison and saw a few of them.

The parks are lovely for walking around, but if you walk near the disc golf course, you’ll need to keep an eye out for discs.

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