Lake Guntersville State Park in Alabama

April 24, 2022

Bruce and I decided to drive the short distance to Lake Guntersville State Park. It is a stunning park, with mountains coming out of the lake.

Nox came along with us. She loves to ride in the truck.

We stopped at primitive campground along the lake. It had spectacular views and primitive toilets with no showers.

We then drove to the main entrance and drove around the loop. There are several trail heads, picnic areas, a beach, boat ramp, and a RV campground. There is also a golf course and lodge.

Most surprising was the zip line. To use it requires training and there is a rental place for the zip line equipment.

We hiked along the Beeny Bono Trail to the Lodge.

The Lodge had cantilevered patios with amazing views over the lake.

We saw the boat ramp we were at the day before. I found it interesting that I have a picture of the Lodge from the boat ramp and a picture of the boat ramp from the Lodge.

Nox enjoyed climbing the stairs up to the patios. She was so cute. Bruce picked her up and carried her down the stairs as that is harder on her.

We walked back to the truck and finished the loop, leaving the main section of the park.

We will be going back to do more hiking, but we are rather concerned about all the poison oak and ivy along the trails.

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