Jacksonville N/St. Mary’s KOA Holiday in Kingsland, Georgia

March 10, 2022

We are now set up at the St. Mary’s KOA in Georgia. We are just barely in Georgia as the campground is off Exit 1 on I-95.

It is a very pretty campground with lots of pine trees.

The rather expensive site doesn’t have a sewer hookup or 50 amp. It only has 30 amp. Fortunately, it is supposed to be cool, so we shouldn’t need to run the all the air conditioners. The site isn’t very level and the RV tires are off the ground on one side.

The park does have sites with full hookups and 50 amps. They also have patio sites that have nice decks built on them. They would be great for a family gathering.

Here are some of pictures of our site. We are in site A2.

The site does have a picnic table and fire ring. It maybe so expensive simply due to supply and demand.

18 thoughts on “Jacksonville N/St. Mary’s KOA Holiday in Kingsland, Georgia

  1. What’s your feeling on KOA spots? We pretty much avoided them whenever possible because they seemed too, I don’t know, “franchise camping” style and kind of costly, too. During peak periods the KOAs get huge family groups and frenetic. Having said that the franchisees tend to keep the parks clean and generally enforce rules so the campers behave.

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    1. I think they are generally well run, but expensive. I don’t need putt-putt golf and water slides and kid play grounds. They usually have some spots available because they are so expensive. I prefer the 55+ resorts. They often are less expensive and have the kind of fun I am interested in.


  2. It looks pretty there. I am interested in how long you can go without sewer hookup. Will you have to dump your black tank before you are ready to move on? Will you have to move your entire rig in order to dump or do you have some kind of transfer tank? We are on full hookups right now, but at some point we will need to understand how to use our RV with partial or no hookups.

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    1. We will have to move the whole rig to the dump station. We normally dump the black tank every two weeks. When I do laundry in the rig, I open up the bath tank and leave it open until I finish laundry. We don’t have a transfer tank. In April, we are going to stay a park that doesn’t have sewer hookups, but they have a transport tank and will come and empty the RV tanks for a fee. We’ll see how this goes, as this is the first time we’ve gone without sewer hookups.

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      1. We have been emptying the black tank every 5 days or so (we are connected to sewer), but maybe our tank is smaller, or maybe Wayne is just doing it more often than necessary. I will be interested in hearing how it goes with the transfer tank at the park in April.

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      2. I have read that you should empty the black tank when it at least 65% full. If you don’t have enough fluid in the tank the solids will remain behind and that causes real problems. You could also have a smaller tank than we do.

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    1. Grey tanks are not connected to your black tank. You do want to run the grey tank water through the sewer hose after emptying the black tank. It will “clean” the sewer hose of any solids. You need a big rush of liquid from your black tank to carry to solids from it. Then you want to rise it with water from your grey tank.


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