Third Travel Day

February 1, 2022

It is hard to believe that it is already the first of February. We had some adventures today and not in a good way. We knew there would be downsides and problems (non-fun adventures) to the retirement RV dream.

In Texas, we left the RV park at 8:30 am and head east and south on Hwy 82 until Bells. At Bells, we turned onto Hwy 69.

Our first adventure cost us one of the snap on pads for the RV feet. The foot itself looks mostly okay, just tipped up a small amount. It seemed to work fine this evening.

How did we loose the snap on pad? Hwy 69 made a left turn, but there wasn’t any warning signs. The missing signs were very unusual for Texas. They normally have great signage.

Bruce was asking me if we should make a turn at the light, and I say yes. Unfortunately, we are already in the wrong lane. Fortunately, there was a gas station on the southwest corner. The gas station had a lane that allows us to get to Hwy 69.

From the gas station onto Hwy 69, Bruce took the turn just a little to tight and the RV wheels came off the concrete driveway. This is when the snap pad was lost. We discovered it missing at our next stop for fuel as we did our RV walk around. The rear foot past the passenger side RV tires was missing it’s snap on pad.

The next adventure was scary and dangerous. We had made it to I-20 and we were happily heading east. The Texas road crew had a truck in the left lane with the arrows pointing right, as the only warning the left lane was closed. This was just past a curve and an overhead bridge. Traffic came to a full stop at the same time a car whipped around us to discover the traffic in front of us was stopped. The car driver pulled over onto the shoulder, while Bruce hit the brakes as hard as he could. Bruce then watched a commercial truck behind us pull onto the shoulder to avoid hitting us.

The truck and RV stopped great. Bruce just kept thinking what might have happened if the car and the commercial truck hadn’t pulled onto the shoulder.

Bruce pulled over at the next picnic area and we checked the rig. After that hard stop, we wanted to make sure everything was okay. Bruce was particularly concerned about his motorcycle. It was fine.

The third adventure involved the motorcycle. We drove on I-20 through Shreveport, Louisiana. The road there is some of the very worst we have been on. Bruce was driving at 45 miles an hour and the truck and RV shook so much it felt like we were going much faster.

After Shreveport, the next time we fueled up, Bruce found the motorcycle had fallen part way over during his RV inspection. The front strap hook came loose after all the shaking from the awful road through Shreveport. The motorcycle handle did some minor damage to the garage wall when the motorcycle fell. Bruce got the motorcycle back up and strapped down again.

We spent some time discussing how to prevent the motorcycle from falling over.

So, since our third day had more adventures of the not fun kind, so we decided to stay two nights at our current park in Delhi, LA.

We stopped at the new RV park at 7:30 pm, so we had a very full day.

Damaged Garage Wall

8 thoughts on “Third Travel Day

  1. I’m always on alert for not-so-fun travel days. We’ve had scrapes from tree limbs, two tire blow outs that caused significant damage, flat tires, broken steps, ripped up awning from hail, and humidity from a rainstorm so bad water dripped from the walls and ceiling, to name the worse. There’s the good and bad of RVing. Thank goodness, the good far out weighs the bad. We still love exploring.

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