Texas Rest Area

January 31, 2022

Texas has great rest areas. I took some pictures of this one along Hwy 287.

The grassy areas had signs warning, “Watch for Rattlesnakes”. Nox managed to walk through an area with burrs. We sat at a picnic table in the back and picked out the burrs from Nox’s fur. She was not happy and she even growled and snapped at us.

This was very unusual. Nox is a very polite dog and generally will put up with a lot. Bruce felt very bad for Nox. He pulled out his pocket knife and cut several very tangled burrs from her fur. Nox didn’t mind that at all. This made both of them happy.

Nox was delighted to have the burrs removed. She was able to walk without them sticking into her!

6 thoughts on “Texas Rest Area

  1. That does look like a nice rest area. It looks like your trip is going well so far. I am behind reading blogs because of our journey from MN to AZ, and then getting set up here. We finally got wifi set up in the RV here at the RV Park and we actually watched some of the TV shows we had been streaming at home last evening, and I could catch up on some things I prefer to do on my computer (like reading and responding to blog posts). Meanwhile the furnace stopped working at home…good thing for the newer thermostat we had installed that connects to the internet so we can check the temp in the house. It got almost down to freezing in the house. It was supposed to get down to minus 27 during the night. My uncle went over to check this morning, and the furnace repair guy is on the way over. ARGGG!

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