What?! Another Flat?!

April 26, 2022 On Friday, April 22, we planned to go to Bucks Pocket State Park. We decided to take Nox with us for the hike. Nox was super excited about going. She wanted to get to the truck so she could go with us. We were all set, we had Nox’s walking harnesses and […]

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New Driver’s License for Bruce

February 28, 2022 We had been waiting on our new Florida address before we could move forward with getting our Florida driver’s licenses. Here’s the story so far. Escapees sent the email with our new address via email last week on Tuesday. Bruce didn’t get it until Sunday. It appears his email service was having […]

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Third Travel Day

February 1, 2022 It is hard to believe that it is already the first of February. We had some adventures today and not in a good way. We knew there would be downsides and problems (non-fun adventures) to the retirement RV dream. In Texas, we left the RV park at 8:30 am and head east […]

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