Snow Covered Nox

January 25, 2022

Bruce took Nox out for her morning walk. It was a winter wonderland, with snow coming down hard in large flakes.

Nox loves the snow and was happy to walk in it and try to chase rabbits.

When Bruce came back, he asked me to take off her walking harness put her other harness on Nox. The other harness is her traveling harness for the truck.

Bruce left Nox at the door and went to clear the snow off the truck. He needed to take Nox to the vet for her yearly check up and shots.

The roads were a mess, but Bruce and Nox made it safely to the vet’s office and back again. Bruce carried Nox into the RV when he got back.

Nox got a treat from Bruce and then wanted to sit on my lap. I held Nox for about 30 minutes while I worked. She got tired of sitting on my lap. She jumped down and tried to convince Bruce that he should give her some of his breakfast. Poor Nox, Bruce did not give her any eggs or sausage.

After not getting any of Bruce’s food, she decided to take a nap in her bed with lots of snoring.

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