Nox Helps with Rescuing Bubba

January 19, 2022

Last night, when Nox was out for her nightly perambulation, a gentleman at the top of the road called out, “Are you looking for a small dog?”

Bruce called back, “No, we have our dog.”

Another gentleman called out, “I know who the dog belongs to.”

The two gentlemen tried whistling for the dog, while we walked up the road toward them.

The little auburn furred dog, with a curly tail saw Nox and came running over to Nox. The dog was the same height as Nox and had a very thick coat. Nox and the little dog started sniffing each other. Bruce handed Nox’s leash to me and said, “Hold this for me.”

He reached down and picked up the dog and started praising it for being a good dog. The dog curled up in his arms and allowed Bruce to rub on him. Bruce found the dog’s tag and said, “His name is Bubba.”

The first gentleman said, “He ran up to our door when we opened it and then he ran off. I am glad you were able to catch him.”

Bruce said, “Our dog distracted him and allowed me to get close enough to grab him.”

The second gentleman said, “Follow me, I’ll show you where he belongs.”

We followed along, with Nox being less than pleased that Bubba was getting all this attention from Bruce. Nox wanted to see what Bruce was doing with Bubba.

When we got to Bubba’s RV, we saw fencing set up around the door to the RV. That explained how Bubba was wondering around without his people knowing about it. The gentleman who knew where Bubba belong, knocked on the side of the RV, since we couldn’t walk up to the door due to the fence.

A lady came out and the gentleman said, “We found Bubba a ways down the road”

She reached out and Bruce handed Bubba to her. She was so grateful! She talked to us a bit about how Bubba can squeeze out of the smallest gap. We looked at the fence and didn’t see any gaps. We couldn’t figure out how Bubba got out.

Nox asked for a pick up while we were talking to Bubba’s person. Nox wanted to keep an eye on Bubba. Bubba’s person said, “Thank you, so much for bringing him back.”

Bruce said, “Nox helped catch him, he was really interested in her. We are just glad we could catch him. Have a good evening!”

Bubba’s person carried him inside her RV while thanking us again. Once we started walking away, Nox was ready to get down and resume her nightly perambulation.

Nox, the Rescue Helper

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