We Have Cold Water!

January 7, 2022

When I was getting ready for bed, the RV didn’t have cold running water. A few minutes later, Bruce started getting ready for bed and he tried the cold water. It started out as a trickle, then it ran normally. His delighted shout could be heard throughout the RV.

He checked the kitchen sink and the water was running fine there. He came back to the bathroom and checked the toilet. When he pressed the foot peddle, the toilet line had some air in it. It growled at first, then the water ran normally.

Bruce and I were very excited by the cold water running. The pressure was good, so that gave us hope the line was okay.

Bruce put on his boots and jacket and headed back outside to check the basements for water leaks.

He returned triumphant. No water leaks!

We went to bed relieved! The cold water was running!

Bruce got up every two hours to make sure the water was still running, as long as it was below freezing. Once it warmed up to above freezing, he just turned the alarm off and went back to sleep.

When we went to bed, it has warmed up to 22 degrees F and when we got up this morning at six, it was 39 degrees F.

Running Cold Water!

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