Morning Pictures of the Snow and the Long Icicle

January 7, 2022

Nox need to go out this morning and since it was above freezing (YAY!) I decided to go along with Bruce and Nox.

Bruce and Nox

We crunched through the snow while Nox trotted along, stopping to sniff at prints in snow occasionally.

The roads had been cleared, but there was still a lot snow and ice on them.

As we walked back to the RV, we saw one of the RV staff driving a golf cart with his large dog running besides the golf cart. The dog looked so happy!

When we got back to the RV, we used a brush to get the snow off our shoes. I took a picture of the the long icicle by the door.


Nox got toweled dry after I helped get the snow clumps from her belly and leg hairs. She wanted to play for a bit, so we threw her balls and told her to put Kong on end. She had a great time and then she was ready to rest. She lay down in her bed and went to sleep and stared snoring. I reached down to per her and woke her up.

Nox Resting

It was a nice walk and I didn’t slip this time!😀

5 thoughts on “Morning Pictures of the Snow and the Long Icicle

  1. I am so glad it seems like you’ll keep water flowing for a while, anyway, and that you didn’t slip! It snowed here last night and for the first time in days I went out without microspikes on the boots, although I did keep the ski poles for balance on the uneven ground.
    Just out of curiosity, how did Nox get her name?

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    1. Yes, we are thrilled to have cold water! We adopted two little dogs at the same time. The shelter had named them Yin and Yang. We decided the names sounded so similar the dogs or us wouldn’t be able to tell which was which. Our daughter was with us when we picked up the dogs and as we were discussing names, she suggested Luna and Nox. We liked the names and the little white dog was named Luna for the moon and the little black dog was named Nox for the night. She was pleased to show off her education. She picked up some Latin somewhere.


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