The Kitchen Cabinets Are Empty

October 9, 2021 Yesterday, we got our closing time for next Friday. As of 11:00 am next Friday, we will be houseless. We will be truly full-time RVers. I was able to get the kitchen cabinets empty. My heart was sore as I emptied my kitchen cabinets. I loved my kitchen and while I knew […]

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Closing Moved to October 15th

October 6, 2021 Yesterday, our real estate agent contacted us to see if we were okay to move closing up to October 15th. We said yes. Now, we have one less week to get everything done. The rooms are emptying out. The living room is now empty.I have most of the kitchen cleared out. We […]

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New Mattress at RV

October 4, 2021 The RV came with a memory foam mattress. The mattress was great for about 5 to 6 months. Then we noticed it was not bouncing back. The mattress had developed dips where we slept. These dips were causing back pain. We switched the mattress from top to bottom and that helped while […]

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Grapes and More Grapes

October 1, 2021 This year, the grape vines at the house produced prodigiously. We had two types of seeded grapes, Concord and a green variety. I no longer remember what the green variety is supposed to be. Since we are in the process of downsizing and getting everything out of the house for the upcoming […]

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