Busy, Busy Friday

April 7, 2021

Friday, April 2nd, was a very busy day for me. I had my 20 year anniversary at my job! I can now keep my health insurance with the company. When I started the job, I didn’t think I’d be there for more than a few years. Those of us in IT tend to move around. My employer has kept things interesting for all those years. The years have flown by. I will really miss the people I’ve worked with when I retire.

We meet with a realtor. She was recommended by our previous realtor, who had moved out of state. We had planned on using him, as he did such a great job when we sold our last house and bought this house. We will be moving forward with the realtor he recommended.

After work, we sold my car, the Jetta to CarMax. One more big item gone!

Our big list of things to do is getting smaller!

6 thoughts on “Busy, Busy Friday

    1. You are right, with so much going on it is stressful. We find spending the night in the RV and taking Nox on long walks to be relaxing. We find that we really need the break.


  1. We’ve done the “sell everything” adventure a couple of times. It’s stressful and it seems you are always wondering if you did the right thing, chose the right steps, made the best deal, etc. But we’ve found out it always works out in the end and if you can keep a sense of humor can even be fun. As my wise old grandmother used to tell us as kids, “Go ahead and just jump. Someone will put a net out there.”

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    1. There are times I wonder what the heck we are doing, but mostly I just feel the thrill of the adventure calling! As things start falling into place, I can see the net as we jump. As I told Bruce many years ago, “You’re a great person to have an adventure with.”


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