Yearly Vet Visit for Nox

February 19, 2021

Nox had her annual check up on Tuesday (2/16) and her teeth cleaned on Thursday (2/18). Her check up went well. All her blood work came back normal. Nox had lost about a 1/2 pound, which the vet was very happy about. The vet wants Nox to loose another 1/2 pound.

Nox had gained an extra pound last year when we would give Nox some extra food in hopes that Luna would be jealous and eat because Nox was eating. It did work at first and then it worked some of the time. (I still miss Luna so much.)

Bruce dropped Nox off for her teeth cleaning on Thursday just before 11:00 AM. He picked her up just after 4:00 PM. The vet does sedate her for the teeth cleaning. Poor Nox! She doesn’t like the drugs the vet gives her. She does a lot of whining and wagging her tail when she gets home. She also kept sticking out the tip of her tongue.

We took turns holding her in our laps and petting her to provide comfort. She’d get tired of being held or need some water and would want down.

Today, Nox is back to her normal self.

I took some pictures of Nox after the teeth cleaning visit.

13 thoughts on “Yearly Vet Visit for Nox

  1. Awww…good girl! Glad she’s in good health and back to her usual self. My heart skipped a beat when I read about you missing Luna….I know exactly how you feel, and still think about our sweet Maddie.

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