Just a Day in the Life of Nox

January 15, 2021

Nox was standing up, waiting for me in her crate when I cam downstairs this morning. She ran over to her water bowl and drank a bit of water.

I sat down at my desk to start work and pulled my blanket over my legs. Nox curled up on the blanket.

She went outside a couple of time and then came back in to curl up at my feet again.

Back asleep!

At lunch, she carried her dog food over to her puzzle and dropped it into the puzzle and then ate it out of the puzzle.

During the afternoon, she wanted me to play with her. She brought me toys to throw for her. She also carried her Kong around.

We call this trumpet Kong!

After having me play with her a bit, she curled back up at my feet and went back to sleep, with a few potty stops outside, until Bruce started making supper in the kitchen. Nox abandoned me to be near the food! Bruce told me that she watched him cook with hopeful eyes.

After dinner, she wanted to play so more. We had her fetch her various toys. Bruce or I will say, “Where’s the {toy name}?” and Nox will go find the toy. She’s got a lot of toys: green ball, blue ball, whiffle ball, squeak ball, treat ball, and Kong, plus she has 3 puzzle toys.

She then crawled into her crate and rested until it was “Time for outside”. At which point, she leaped up and ran through her doggie door, with a loud BLAM! Bruce followed her with the flashlight. (There have been coyotes seen in the neighborhood.)

After she finished her nighttime stops outside, she ran back to the people door and waited until Bruce opened it. She rushed in right past him and then hopped into the crate.

I gave her a treat and she settled down for the night.

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